Starting to select the gear

In order to start the practice walks in earnest I need to select the gear I’ll be taking with me. No use going on a practice walk with an empty rucksack!

In my mind the obvious item to start with is the rucksack as that will then determine how much gear I can take with me and to that end I’ve currently chosen to trial an Osprey Atmos 65 litre sack and my old favourite Salomon Sky 38 litre sack, although the latter is now a little battered after excessive use over the years.

Restricting myself to a 38 litre rucksack still enables me to pack in a one man tent, a 3 season sleeping bag, sleeping mat, cooker, sandals and a limited amount of clothing and food as well as essential toiletries and first aid equipment.

The real game changer would be the tech that I choose to carry! If by the time I depart I have a drone as well as the GoPro, mobile phone and charging device(s) then I my well need to upgrade to the 65 litre sack?

Going to practice with both, just in case!

Please note that both rucksacks were originally supplied free of charge by the manufacturers