First litter pick practice walk

I set off today from Cowhouse Bank above Helmsley on the North York Moors on on of  my practice walks.

With my Salomon Sky 38 litre packed with gear I headed West along the escarpment towards Clay Bank and the footpath that steeply descends to the right clinging to the edge down through forestry to  terminate at a T junction with a forestry track.

One item of gear I took to review was a Hydro Flask. It did keep the water lovely and cool on a nice hot February day.

 Turning right onto the track / bridlepath I continued my descent through Cowhouse Bank Wood ignoring the track to the right for a further descent heading for a small group of cottages at Old Ford and on to tarmac close to a ford.

Amazingly at this stage I hadn’t found any litter to pick up but I did find a temporary sign that seemed to have become permanent? Maybe the local authority could look at removing it!

After crossing Cowhouse Beck I utilised the tarmac to take me back up to the forestry at the bottom of Cowhouse Bank before turning left along the bottom edge of the woodland. where I found my first piece of flotsam. A small metal object!

Continuing the traverse of the bank I entered Riccal Dale Wood and headed for the junction with the Tabular Hills Walk where I turned right up the very steep path that leads to the top. This section can become very difficult in wet, muddy or snowy conditions!

Once at the top the “litter” picking began in earnest with sadly detritus from the aftermath of shooting., empty shell casings and plastics.

I continued along the Tabular Hills Walk to cross the minor road and after 200 metres turned right again and followed paths North and came across a squirrels dining table?

With the warmth of the day I checked the first ant hill I came across to find a hive of activity. The week before all the hills were dormant.

Further North and 9 kilometres later I arrived back on the bank.

Below are the efforts of my first litter pick walk! Not to bad and yes it is a “Police” incident tape!!!

Hope this is the kind of effort the European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA) are looking for?

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