Passing Melrose

Heading back down from the Central Belt, Scotland on the A68 I have always been intrigued by what I thought was a single lump of rock sticking out of the ground to the right as I pass the sign for Melrose.

Monday 29th April was a beautiful day and so I detoured and in doing so came across a road sign for the Rhymer Stone!

I couldn’t resist and turned onto a no through road that initially lead me past the local crematorium and a horse riding stables before coming to a halt at an information board for Thomas the Rhymer and his stone. It was at this point I asked two riders carrying bridals on there way to collect some horses “Where is the stone?” to which the male replied “Just up there on the left”, this was a matter of a few hundred metres away. I then asked him if it was worth a look and his reply was “Not really”, at which point a lady joined the conversation from behind and said “It’s a great view!” to which I replied “Surely the better view is from up there?”, pointing to what I now know as the first of the Eildon Hills. The male horse rider agreed with me and said it would take me 40mins to get to the top! Much to his colleagues surprise at that point I committed to the climb!

Following the sign for the Border Abbeys Way I set off along a green track between two hedges and ascended the first hill!

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