Getting there and back

Getting to the start

Whenever we go somewhere we try and make the travel part of the overall experience so a trip on a steamer across Lake Geneva to the start of the GR5 was going to be essential to my overall experience.

I’ve now changed the starting point, moving it north to Chappelle des Bois in  the Jura so that I have 3 days of gentle walking before arriving on the banks of Lake Geneva.

Getting to Chappelle des Bois with limited funds has been an interesting exercise in travel logistics and is now fully booked…

City Zap bus from York to Leeds to catch the Megabus to London, all for the princely sum of £1 + £3 worth of Tesco vouchers.

London to Paris overnight with Flixbus Eurolines for €28.99 including the ferry crossing.

Paris Gare Lyon to Dole Ville 1st Class on the SNCF TGV (A bucket list tick) then Dole Ville to Morez 2nd Class regional SNCF

Then I have to walk!!!

Another essential tradition we have as a family is swimming in the lakes of Switzerland, so I will have to take a dip before I start the Grand Traverse des Alpes (GTA)!

See Historic Lake Geneva Paddle Steamers at the Naval Parade

Getting back home

First of all we’ll need to take another dip into water! This time the Baie des Anges in the Mediterranean…

Then it will be a direct flight back to Leeds / Bradford to rejoin the rat race again!!!